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 "My dedicated Room is custom tailored with acoustic treatment that correct's the room anomalies , and compliments the stereo image of my current monitor set. I have been using this monitor set up and "in the box" method for years and have grown very accustomed to using it allowing me to quickly make decisions that translate well on all playback systems."-David Cottin-mastering Engineer

Monitor set 1-HD660s Reference Headphones+Ifi signature zen dac+Signature HDxx Balanced Amp

Monitor set 2 -Kef LS50W + Kef Kube 10B


PC                  -Custom

                         -Dedicated storage with hardware back-up and  

                          digital cloud back-up

DAW              -Protools

                         -WaveLab 12 Pro

                         -Studio One


                         -RX processing 

                         -Ozone 11 Advanced


 -Plugins from Izotope, Plugin  Alliance, Fab Filter, Waves, Melda Productions, Meter Plugs, Avid...

AKG Q701
Mastering Plugins
Music Art
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