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 Whether your music needs a  full tonal re-balancing for maximum playback efficiency, or a simple EQ tweak or maybe multi-band compression I've got you covered. I apply only what  is needed in order to get your music sounding pleasant to the ears from any playback system whether its your car, home theater, or even your cell  phone. Simply turn up the volume and enjoy.


 I love all genres of music and it is my passion to make your music sound the absolute best that it can before delivering it to the listener...


Audio Repair/Restoration

DDP Creation

Clicks, pops, background noise, and other artifects can all usually be fix completly with no trace of the original distortions. I employ the latest techniques and programs to weed out audio imperfections without disturbing the original intended content. Old recordings can be cleaned up for a better listening experience. Audio recordings of lectures or any in field recording can be cleaned up to have only the intended recording present.



DDP stands for "disc description protocal". DDP is the standardized file format for an album/cd to be replicated at a cd pressing plant. DDP files have the track spacing, songs, and any disc data all properly layed out to ensure the pressing plant can make an error free replication . All albums mastered here are finished and grouped in a DDP file, you will also recieve the mastered .wavs and .mp3. In order to hear your final ablum master as it will sound to the consumer, you will need a DDP player. I include a DDP player in your album package so you can listen to the album on a pc before sending the DDP to the pressing plant.

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