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What the heck is DDP???

"Disc Description Protocol", but what is it and why would you want it? DDP is a file that holds all of your final mastered CD information such as ISRC codes UPC codes, track ID, track spacing, cross-fading tracks, and more. It also contains all the audio files for the album. A CD duplication plant will use a DDP to make error free copies of your album. A DDP file is the final album how it will sound and playback to the end user. To playback a DDP file you will need a DDP player and can only use it on a personal computer. At Life Audio Mastering- when we make a DDP file for a client we also provide the client with a DDP player which they can install on their own PC. This allows the client to playback the DDP file like a normal CD and thus be able to hear exactly the final product before sending the DDP file to the duplication plant or distributor. It is always recommend to build a DDP file for distribution.

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