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Why you would want to use A.I. mastering

A.I. mastering or algorithm based mastering software has been around for awhile and is on the rise. The quality is actually really really good, that is if your mix is really really good(more on that later). Algorithm based mastering is designed to take your unmastered final mix and give it that final mastered polish and loudness that a professional mastering engineer would give you. A.I mastering will perform EQ, compression, and limiting as it sees fit based off of reference tracks that is stored in the A.I. . It will recognize genre and decide what processing is necessary. In my testing these services do a decent job of mastering the audio file you give it however there is something missing and i find i will always like the pro master better(i might be biased) Why is that? In my testing there were certain problematic resonant frequencies that the A.I mastering service didn't pick up on. Removing these resonant frequencies will make the master less fatiguing. I found that these service focus on loudness and balance and less on correction and no artistic processing what so ever. You need a human ear to know when and how to correct different issues and add "emotion". Who should use these mastering services? All of these services are very cheap and offer different price points with up to unlimited masters. If your producing 20 or more songs per month, they are mixed very well, and you need instant turnaround times, or a quick mastered demo for loudness, these services may be for you. Remember being mixed very well is important as these services aren't quite there in terms of performing corrections. So the biggest issue is the "no human" factor. Next week in part two of this series, i will talk more about what that human factor is and what it can give you in your final master.

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