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Two part blog- Human or A.I. Mastering

In the coming weeks i am going to talk about the latest craze in mastering and that is A.I. mastering. LandR, E-mastered, are just two of the major online pay-per month mastering services . These services provide a quick master literally in minutes for a fraction of what a human mastering engineer would charge. They bring the song you upload to commercial volume, apply some EQ and compression to help your song sound the best. These services do this via computer algorithm that is programmed to determine genre, level, balance, based off of thousands of other fully mastered songs as reference. There are pros and cons of using these services and they are not for everyone but they are for someone. In part one of this blog series i will discuss the pro's and con's of using these services, talk about who they're for, and whether or not they actually work. Part two of this mini blog series will be all about the human mastering engineer, the pros and con(s), who they're for and whether or not they are better than the online A.I. services. Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss anything in the coming weeks :)

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