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You know what really grinds my gears?

Here are my 5 gripes from clients that i get most commonly. I will go into detail of each one of these in the coming "Wednesday night write-ups...

1) -Any lossy mp3, aac, these are the two most commonly used formats online today... "please don't send me mp3's to master".

2) "Can you make this sh***y mix sound like it was recorded and mixed in a million dollar studio?"- "insert face palm ;) "

3) "You don't use outboard gear, so you cant possibly be a good mastering engineer...can you?"..."actually yes i can :)"

4) "I want it louder than my competition so people will like it more than my competition"..."just no, no, no!"

5)-The final mix is already limited and compressed to a "block waveform" ... "not much i can do bro the life is gone from the song"

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